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Activity: The Lost Language of Making

Date: Feb-Mar 2021

Participants/consultant: Star Project/Karen Herbison

At the start of 2021, during the second national lockdown, STAR project hosted online poetry workshops for The Lost Language of Making project. Facilitated by local writer/director Karen Herbison of H-Arts, workshop participants used historical Scottish making terms as a stimulus to write their own poetry. Their finished work has been published as a short anthology, a copy of which is held in the collection of Renfrewshire’s Heritage Centre. A short film of participants reciting their own work online was also recorded by Media Monty, to be shared publicly as part of 2021’s digital Sma’ Shot Day celebrations.

You can view the film here:

The historic images on this page are in Public Domain (Public Domain Mark 1.0) and were found at the Wellcome Collection during the research stage of this project. Please see the link below for more information on the Wellcome Collection. Thank you.

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