Inchinnan Carved Stones


Inchinnan Parish Church
Old Greenock Road

Phone: +(0)141 812 1308 (Session Clerk)

Email:  sessionclerk.ipc@gmail.com

Opening times
The Celtic & Templar Stones are situated outside and can be viewed at any time. Please contact the Session Clerk to make arrangements if you wish to view the interior of Inchinnan Parish Church.


Getting there
McGill’s Bus services 22, 22S, 23, 757 and X23 stop approximately 150 metres away on Old Greenock Road.

Please call ahead for accessibility requirements.

Channel your inner Indiana Jones and explore two remarkable groups of carved stones dating back millennia.

The archaeological artefacts are believed to mark the final resting place of prominent figures from the long-lost Kingdom of Strathclyde dating from around AD 900 – 1100. It is thought the Kingdom was a significant stronghold which reached its peak as the Vikings were waging bloody raids on Scotland. These stones can be viewed at the front of the church.

Ten gravestones, positioned at the rear of the church, are thought to date from the 12th to the 17th centuries and are an important part of the history of the Inchinnan area. The four stones with sloping sides and ridged tops may have been Knights Templar stones.

The stones originally came from the demolished All Hallows Church, which was active in medieval times and dedicated to St Conval.

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