Wallace Birthplace Monument

Visit the Wallace Birthplace Monument erected to Scotland’s national hero, Sir William Wallace, on the traditional site of his home in Elderslie.

This magnificent structure celebrates the “Knight of Elderslie and Guardian of Scotland”.

Sir William Wallace (1274-1305) is famous for his battles against the tyranny of Edward Plantagenet during the Scottish Wars of Independence.

The monument comprises a series of sculpted plaques around a column reminiscent of a market cross. The plaques illustrate the key moments in Wallace’s life as Knight of Elderslie and Guardian of Scotland.

The famous 15th century poem The Wallace, by Blind Harry, names his father as one Sir Malcolm of Elderslie, in Renfrewshire.

Legend also tells of the young Wallace being educated by the monks of Paisley Abbey. As the second son of a minor noble, Wallace may have been expected to become a priest. Of course, his life took a very different direction. A stained glass window depicting William Wallace stands in the southern aisle of Paisley Abbey.

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