Outside/Inside: An Invitation to Reflect – gripping aerial and acrobatic show

Friday 1 December, 2023

At times of turmoil, we have choices about how we react. This thoughtful show explores the world full of mirrors and metaphors surrounding us, through intriguing aerial and acrobatic performances.

Outside/Inside is an invitation to reflect on feelings. What we see is a reflection of ourselves.

Each person has their story – their experiences, their culture, their language, their good things, their not-so-good things.

We will never have full access, we can only imagine. What we see is just the tip of an iceberg within the complexity that we are.

When on stage as an artist, you expose yourself and show your inside. You allow others to have access to your feelings. Your choices, actions and perspiration are transformed, at the same time that the audience is transformed throughout the show. It becomes an experience of unity.

This performance will be the culmination of four solid months of circus training for the cast. They’ve had a week of working with director Adilso Machado to develop the concept and now they have three weeks to create a coherent show on Friday 1st December.

Adilso has been collaborating with Aerial Edge for more than five years, creating shows with the Scottish circus community as well as with students on our full-time courses. So we can say with confidence that this show will be a cracker!

Every donation helps someone

As a not-for-profit organisation, any donations that you are able to make for our Sponsored Places scheme will be most welcome. This gives places in our Youth Circus to people who experience barriers to participation.

We suggest £15 because that’s the cost of one 90-minute class, but any amount that you can give will go into a fund which sponsors one student for a term at a time. Obviously, continuity is important so we want to keep them in Youth Circus for as long as they want to be there.

Aerial Edge is committed to Circus for All, regardless of age, size, body shape or experience. We know that people develop many aspects of themselves through circus training, not just their skills in circus disciplines.

That’s one reason why the Sponsored Places scheme is important. Organisations in the fields of poverty, disability, LGBTQ+ and refugees are partnering with us to identify suitable recipients.

Circus classes for all ages and abilities – you’re welcome to join the fun

If you’re interested in learning circus skills, try our recreational classes for all ages and abilities. Most classes last 90 minutes, and we have full-time courses lasting four weeks and four months. There are different types of performance opportunities for all experience levels.

For more information about our full programme of circus training, see our website.

Upcoming full-time courses you can join

Fly to India to enjoy a beachside break with a one-week aerial and acrobatic festival in January (and do a three-day rigging course too if you go in December).
Join our four-week full-time Circus Intensive Course in Glasgow, starting Monday 5th February
Take it up a notch with a four-month full-time Foundation Course in Circus Arts starting on Monday 4th March at our school in Glasgow.
Four-week full-time Circus Intensive Course starts on Monday 4th March in Glasgow. The course is designed to give you skills in a broad range of aerial and acrobatic arts, with a focus on creating a solo act in your favourite discipline for a show at the end.
There’s also a five-day Rigging for Circus Arts course starting on Monday 26th February 2024 to learn the unique safety aspects of rigging for live loads (aerialists) in a training or performance environments.

Please email info@aerialedge.co.uk for more information about any of the above.

Dates & Times

Aerial Edge
Edmonton Trade Park 240 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow, G51 2YU
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Fri 1 Dec 20:30- 21:30

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