Partner up at Valentine’s circus workshops, even if you’ve never done it before

Saturday 10 February, 2024

Partner up at Valentine’s circus workshops, even if you’ve never done it before

Are you up for getting to grips with a partner in some circus Valentine’s specials? These pairs workshops are all done in the spirit of fun rather than romance, so you can join the capers whether you’re single or attached, and you don’t need any previous experience.

All you need is a willingness to experiment and have some fun!

Workshop 1: Chinese pole partners

There will be times when your partner drives you up the pole – here’s how to do it in a good way!

In this Chinese Pole workshop with Vee Smith and Edd Muir, you’ll find that working in pairs is so much more satisfying than doing it yourself.

Chinese Pole can seem like a demanding discipline but there is lots to do with a partner close to the floor and using the pole for support.

In this workshop, Edd and Vee will work on partner and syncro moves and choreography that you can do whatever size you and your partner are.

Some pole experience (Chinese or shiny!) is helpful but not essential, and you will need layers (leggings plus jeans on top and long sleeves) and shoes with a flexible rubber sole.

Vee and Edd are in demand to perform together in a variety of circus arts all over the UK and Europe, so this is a great opportunity to learn from their experience.

Workshop 2: Partner acrobatics + burlesque dance

The day will start with Heidi Brown and Mete Mercan teaching you some of the secrets which have made their Fliptease cabaret act successful.

It all began with the bizarre challenge to create an act based on Rod Hull and Emu because Rod had fallen off a roof to his death on the day that Mete was born, to become a parkour addict who jumped off roofs.

Against all odds given the unlikely inspiration, they created something that was amusing, charming and exciting, and have been performing in cabaret ever since.

All of which just goes to prove you gotta start somewhere…and this workshop is a great place for you to get a jump on how to work as a duo using acrobatics and burlesque styles.

Workshop 3: Doubles trapeze

It’s a little-known fact that Aerial Edge instructors Gabriel Stella and Helen Anderson met in a doubles trapeze workshop and having been working and living together since Cupid hit the target.

Their workshop isn’t about meeting the love of your life (although if you have one, by all means bring ’em!). BUT…you can enjoy a bit of ‘speed dating’ at the bar – the trapeze bar!

The focus will be on getting a few people to be the base and hold a solid move, then the flyers will move round the room testing them out one by one in quick succession!

Since Gabe and Helen enjoy partner acro, they’ll be up for teaching the basics of hand-to-hand technique or two-up acrobalance if there’s time and if you fancy it.

Dates & Times

Aerial Edge
Edmonton Trade Park 240 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow, G51 2YU
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Sat 10 Feb 10:00- 17:00

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