‘Why Not?’ Author Jacquelyn Armour at Partick Library

Thursday 26 January, 2023

Following the release of her first travel memoir, ‘Follow Your Joy’, which shares stories of the world through the eyes of someone who has wandered the streets of over 90 countries, Glasgow-based Jacquelyn Armour wants to take you on a journey. She is constantly inspired by other people’s stories shared on her travels, world history, and the possibility of what could be.

‘I am here to remind you that we are only here a short time, so why not live life to the max.’

Jacquelyn’s talk, ‘Why Not?’ will leave you feeling energized and inspired. She is excited to share tales and the lessons learnt from travelling to over 90 countries and wants to nudge you to say yes to more experiences. Step out of your comfort zone.

What a way to start 2023! Are you ready?

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Partick Library
305 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, G11 6AB
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Thu 26 Jan 18:00- 19:00

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