Youth Circus Summer Camps

Friday 4 August, 2023

Banish boredom in the school holidays – Aerial Edge summer camps are the antidote! No previous experience required – if you’re aged between 7 and 18 years, you’re in!
All the aerial and acrobatic activities are individually set at whatever level you are ready for.
If you’ve done nothing other than school PE lessons, you’ll learn loads of cool new skills in a summer camp. And if you’ve already done dancing, gymnastics, acrobatics, parkour or trampoline, circus activities will help you develop those skills further, while you learn new things too.
You can drop into Youth Circus Summer School on individual days or come every day for each of the five-day camps. It’s all done for fun, you just happen to learn as you go along, in our non-competitive and supportive style. Each individual is supported to participate at whatever level they are ready for.
And what exactly will you learn? Oh, ALL kinds of cool tricks and moves! Flying trapeze and trampoline feature in every morning session. In the afternoons, you could be doing aerial arts including trapeze, silks, hoop and rope along with acrobatics, group acrobalance, parkour, flips, tricks and tumbling.
Everyone’s kept entertained all day and goes home tired and happy. What’s not to love?
Check out the Youth Circus page at www.aerialedge.co.uk – there’s a short video to let you see what’s on offer, and an article to explain all the benefits of circus training besides just having a blast – it can improve confidence, coordination, concentration and more.
We make sure there are enough teachers to split the students into small groups for maximum learning benefit. You can book specific days at £60 each or come for the whole week at £220 – that’s more than one day for free!
If you enjoy Summer School, you will want to come to Youth Circus classes which run every week for ages 7-18 on Sundays and Wednesdays, and on Fridays there’s a class for those up to age 7.
These classes run during Glasgow City Council’s school term times, so the next Youth Circus term begins on August 20th. You can drop in for whatever classes you want, although it’s much cheaper to book the whole term.
There’s also a flying trapeze class specially for Youth Circus age students on Mondays, which runs throughout the year. Book at www.aerialedge.co.uk either as a drop-in rate, or buy an aerial class pack of four or eight.
Aerial Edge has classes in the evenings throughout the year for all ages, stages, shapes and sizes throughout the year – we have students starting as babies and others in their 70s!

Dates & Times

Aerial Edge
Edmonton Trade Park 240 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow, G51 2YU
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Fri 4 Aug 09:30- 16:00

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