Bike Wall: New Entry – New Gerrard

Friday 29 March, 2019

Making its debut on the Motorbike is the New Gerrard 248cc, arguably Scotland’s most successful sports bike. Jock Porter designed and built his own bikes in Edinburgh, earning a strong reputation from racing them at the Isle of Man TT. There he rode his New Gerrards 21 times, winning the Lightweight TT in 1923 and the Ultra-Lightweight TT in 1924.

From the early 1920s up until his death in 1952, Jock focused on running Porter’s Motor Mart at 25-27 Greenside Place in the capital. The last of the New Gerrards were built in 1936.

Dates & Times

Riverside Museum
100 Pointhouse Place, Glasgow, G3 8RS
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Fri 29 Mar 09:00


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