Scottish Ensemble: Continental Drift With Keyvan Chemirani and Friends

Wednesday 13 March, 2019

Zarb virtuoso Keyvan Chemirani and friends join musicians from the UK’s leading string orchestra for an inventive concert of Eastern, Western and improvised music.

What happens when you blend the music of the old European masters with the breathless virtuosity of contemporary Persia and the Mediterranean?

**Keyvan Chemirani**, **Bijan Chemirani** and **Sokratis Sinopoulos** are exceptional musicians: intuitive, agile, inventive. Together they explore the connections between the music of Baroque Europe and the Eastern musical traditions of the same era; the results are astonishing, shedding new light on history, music and our perceptions of both.

For **Continental Drift**, they’ll join five Scottish Ensemble musicians for a performance bonding east and west, learning and improvisation, intuition and precision, freedom and control. Seated around the stage, this is a chance not only to experience the impressive mastery of multiple instruments at close quarters, but to enter a brand new sound world, created next to you, in real time; a world of melodic warmth, rhythmic verve, playful energy and exotic flair.

A talented multi-instrumentalist, Keyvan Chemirani learnt the zarb (Persian drum) at the hand of his father, the internationally-renowned zarb virtuoso Djamchid Chemirani, and with whom they still perform as part of the Chemirani Ensemble. For this concert, Keyvan and Bijan will play the zarb whilst their friend and collaborator Sokratis Sinopoulos takes up the lyra fiddle, a small bowed instrument from Greece.

**Scottish Ensemble (SE**) is the UK’s leading string orchestra; a collective of outstanding musicians championing music for strings. Crossing styles, musical periods, genres and art forms, SE aims to create exhilarating musical experiences that forge new connections between people, places and ideas. In recent years, SE has become increasingly known for its bold and adventurous collaborations with artists from other forms and disciplines. Performing across Scotland, the UK and internationally, at the heart of all SE events is a commitment to engaging, dynamic live performance of the highest quality.

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Studio Warehouse 100 Eastvale Place, Glasgow, G3 8QG
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Wed 13 Mar 19:30- 21:30


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