Positive Shapes – Life model workshop

Sunday 22 September, 2019

Hello everyone.

Drawing Life has been supporting the growing number of life models working in the city, introducing at least 1 new model monthly at our First Thursday events.

We often get asked how to become a life model, and we try to give everyone who is interested in pursuing it a chance to experience it in a friendly and safe atmosphere with the help of our tutors and models to support those starting out.

The First Thursday sessions which have been a huge success bringing fantastic talent to our community.

However, there just isn’t enough 1st Thursdays in the year to let every first-time model get a chance to work with us one on one.

So we are running a series of model workshop every last Wednesday of the month for models starting out and those who want to see what it all envolves.

Then from this workshop, we’ll hopefully know who would like to take it further and we can work with you in creating your own unique modeling style.

At this model training workshop, we will work closely with you and a small group of new models. Any of our first time models are welcome to come and join us for free to hone in on their poses and will be able to share their experience of working with us with you.

The session will be run by Drawing Life and one of their experienced models.

The workshop will run for a very small group of 4-6 models.
And will be a social and friendly event that is designed to give everyone an insight into what it is like to be a model, health and safety and how to contact art classes to become a model with them.

The first part of the workshop (6:30-8) is non-nude we will spend a 90mins with you demonstrating poses, playing games which help us interact with our bodies and seeing how we can all build our own style of modeling from the same instructions.

(anyone unsure if they would like to do the second nude part is welcome to leave during the break)

After a break, we will give everyone who wants to continue a chance to model (8:20-9:30). With advice and encouragement throughout. This part of the session is-nude and we will NOT be taking photos.

After the workshop is over, we’ll see who would like to do more and we will book 2 models for the following First Thursday event and one for our Monday Portrait Club.

Giving those willing a chance to pose for an audience, work on their own modeling style and be fully paid for the session.

Booking a place for the workshop is essential with our tickets online,
you may also DM us if you would rather use Paypal.

The workshop will cost £20 or £15 for students.

Every model will be given a chance to model with us, so workshop will be covered on first session, plus we will work with you during that session.

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