Family Day Out – Strawberry Picking

Wednesday 5th July, 2023

Natalie, mum of two is always looking for fun things to do with the kids. This weekend she tried strawberry picking and was not disappointed.

The summer sun was shining, the wind blowing gently through the long grass and the sweet smell of strawberries in the air.

East Yonderton Farm is a lovely farm in the most interesting of places. Just off Barnsford Road which hugs the side of Glasgow Airport.

Young girl dressed in pink shorts and t-shirt stands on a path beside a big field of long green grass. She is holding a blue punnet and smiling.

I called ahead during the week and booked our space in the car park. We arrived just as the Emirates A380 was taking off which was a sight to be seen on its own.

As we entered the farm we were greeted by a parking attendant who guided us to a space. Then we made our way to the barn to collect our punnets, we went for two 1kg boxes.

We followed the path down past the perfectly cut long grass, past the pea pods and gooseberries and straight to the strawberries. The first thing that hit me was the smell of the strawberries, instantly my mouth watered.

The rows upon rows of bright red strawberries looked so inviting, and even although we had never done it before my three-year-old daughter Isla knew exactly what to do.

We spent about an hour in the field picking the strawberries and pea pods. The friendly farmer was on hand if you had any questions – and make sure you weren’t eating too many strawberries before they went in the box.

Young girl is walking in a strawberry field holding a blue punnet filled with strawberries.

There was no charge for coming down the farm you simply paid for what you picked. We spent £10 on our two punnets (2kg) and took them home to make strawberry ice cream – as requested by Isla.

It was a lovely afternoon and we would definitely go back. If you are looking for things to do especially with kids we would give this a thumbs up – the strawberries are pretty tasty too.


Pack a picnic. Although you can’t eat your picnic in the farm, the car park is on a grass field with some lovely big trees providing much needed shade. Once you have picked all your strawberries sit down under a big shady tree and enjoy a picnic (and the fruits of your labour) while watching the planes taking off.

I asked Isla what her favourite part of the day was...strawberry ice cream!

Isla, aged 3


East Yonderton Farm

Walkinshaw Rd

Renfrew PA4 9LP

 0141 889 3492

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