Handy phrases in Gaelic

Friday 13th October, 2023

Learn how to say these handy phrases in Gaelic and help welcome our visitors to Mòd Phàislig 2023.

The order is GaelicPhonetics-style (sounds like)English.


  • Madainn mhathmah deen vah – Good morning
  • Feasgar math – fess garr mah – Good afternoon 
  • Fàilte – fahl tchu – Welcome 
  • Fàilte gu Pàislig – fahl tchu goo pash-lig – Welcome to Paisley
  • Fàilte gu Mòd Phàislig – fahl tchu goo mod fash-lig – Welcome to Paisley Mòd 

Saying goodbye

  • Mar sin leibh – Mar shin luyhv – Goodbye 
  • Cheerie an-dràsta – cheer ee an drass tah – Bye for now 
  • Chì sinn a-rithist sibh – chee sheen uh ree-eesht shoo – We’ll see you again

Questions and answers

  • Ciamar a tha thu? – kimmer uh hah ooh – how are you? 
  • Ciamar a tha thu fhèin? – kimmer uh hah ooh hayn – How are you yourself (how is oneself)? 
  • Tha mi gu math – hah me goo mah – I am well (good) 
  • Tha mi gu sunndach – hah me goo soun doch (as in loch) – I am in good form 

Describing your day

  • Latha math – Lah mah – Good day /Nice day 
  • Latha brèagha – Lah breeh ahh – Lovely day 
  • Tha i fliuch – hah ee flooch (as in loch) – It’s wet 
  • Tha i fuar – hah ee foo arr – It’s cold
  • Tha i grianach – hah ee gree anach (as in loch) – It’s sunny 


  • Gur math a thèid leibh – goor mah uh haydge luyhv – All the best 
  • Glè mhath – glee vath – very good / well done
  • ‘Se ur beathashey oor behah – Shea
  • Tapadh leibh – tah pah leave – Thank you 



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