Be a tourist in your town

Be a tourist in your town. Enjoy some great places to eat, drink, shop and spend your leisure time – right on your doorstep.

Towns and villages in Renfrewshire each have their own story to tell. Fantastic shops and businesses. Great attractions. Hidden gems to explore.

We want everyone to be a tourist in their town. Visit the amazing places your local area has to offer.

We’ll keep shining a spotlight on our towns and villages here on the website and over on our social media channels. We’ll keep promoting our area along with our friends at OneRen. We ask you to share your recommendations for the best places to visit, eat, drink and shop.

If there are walking trails or cycling routes you’d like to share, tell us. If there’s a beauty spot near you where everyone can appreciate nature at its finest, share it.

Use our online form to tell us about being a tourist in your town. We’ve got a great story to share with visitors – help us to tell it!


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