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Barshaw Park, Paisley

In the early years of the 20th century, Paisley Burgh Council was looking for a site for a park which would be suitable for use by the public for recreational purposes.

Extensive grounds at Barshaw, which covered some 55 acres, were bought from the Arthur family in December 1911. The park was officially opened on 15 June 1912.

The park is much beloved by Buddies to this day.

Fountain Gardens, Paisley

Originally laid out in 1797, Fountain Gardens are Paisley’s oldest public park. The current layout and name date from the 1860s.

It consists of a grand geometric layout with broad walkways, all of which lead to the Grand Fountain – an ornate cast-iron fountain at the centre of the park which contains statues of herons, dolphins and walruses.

Robertson Park, Renfrew

Robertson Park opened in 1912 as an open space for the children of Renfrew. It was gifted to the Royal Burgh of Renfrew by William Robertson, a successful local businessman.

The park offers various amenities and activities to enjoy

Thomas Shanks Park, Johnstone

Thomas Shanks Park is named after a leading industrialist of the 19th century who owned a company of heavy machine toolmakers, Thomas Shanks and Company.

Thomas’s daughter, Mrs J Polson, gifted the park to the town in the name of her late father for the recreation of the local people of Johnstone.

Thomas Shanks & Co went into liquidation on 14 January 1928 but the park still remains as a testament to a noted family who lived and worked in Johnstone.

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I remember sunbathing and playing in the Fountain Gardens as a young kid.

Clare McFadyen
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Paisley has an understated beauty. Paisley is the confident, attractive character in the room that doesn’t need to shout about it but still lets you know it’s there. Paisley is a great walking town and you are always likely to discover something new in the streets whether you are exploring for five minutes or five hours.

Gary Chittick

I love our history, the beautiful landscapes and the great people with an even greater sense of humour.

Lucy Hayes
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