The Artisan’s Institute – We are Weavers – Lesson 13 Taking Weave off the Loom

When your weave is complete, you will need to take the weave off of the loom and secure the weft and warp ends.

Examples of Weaves

Examples of Weaves

Taking weave off the loom instructions


Step 1

If using a cardboard loom, gently cut the warp strings at the back of the cardboard loom and lay them out flat on either side. If using a traditional wooden frame loom, cut off at the end of the warp close to the dents.


Step 2

To secure the warp strings, very gently start to double knot small groupings of 2 or 4 warp strings all the way across both sides of the weaving. Once all groups are knotted and secured, you can decide whether to leave the warp fringing long, cut shorter or sew the ends in under a few weft yarns. If cutting shorter make sure to not cut too close to the knot as it could unravel.


Step 3

To secure the weft ends, repeat the same steps as before – double knot the pairs of wefts. Either cut the ends shorter once secured (again not to close to the knots), or sew in under a few warp threads.

In the instance that you have a singular weft thread, you can either sew in the end, or knot it on to a warp thread.


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