The Artisan’s Institute – We are Weavers – Lesson 01 Looms and Tools

Looms and their tools are used to make woven fabric, and they come in all shapes and sizes. The core purpose of all looms is to keep the vertical warp strings taut for the weft yarn to be passed through from left to right and then beaten down to create the fabric. You will see different types of looms and tools in action in the video, however the ones that you will be using are listed below …


You will either use a wooden frame loom or a cardboard loom as shown on the picture below. Although they look slightly different, they both do the same thing by keeping the warp strings taut for weaving. These looms are great as you can take them anywhere, and they also have an easy set up process. To set up the loom, refer to the ‘Preparing the loom for weaving’ video and notes …

3. Preparing the loom

Preparing the loom


To weave, you will be using:

–             Frame/Cardboard loom

–             Needle (to carry the weft yarn through the warp)

–             Scissors

–             Comb (to beat down on each completed row of weaving)

–             Yarn/Materials for weaving

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