The Artisan’s Institute – We are Weavers – Lesson 07 Pick & Pick Weave

What is a pick & pick weave?

Pick and pick is a variation of plain weave. It is a ‘weft faced’ technique, meaning the weft yarns will be more visible than the warp. The same rules for plain weave will apply, but you will use two changing colours of weft. Weaving the first row ‘colour A’, and the second row ‘colour B’ will result in a striking vertical striped pattern.

Example of Pick & Pick

Example of Pick & Pick

Pick & Pick instructions

Pick & pick works best on warps that have been set up with one warp string per dent/gap on the loom.You will need two colours of weft yarn threaded on two separate needles for this technique.


Row 1

Select your first weft colour (Colour A) and go UNDER 1, OVER 1 across the first row.


Row 2

Select your second weft colour (Colour B) and coming in from the same side, go OVER 1, UNDER 1 across row 2. Twist both yarns around each other at the edge so that Colour A does not skip the last warp thread. Look back at the previous rows to work out the next row. Colour A and Colour B will always go over the same warp strands in order to build up the vertical stripe. Continue plain weaving one row Colour A and one row Colour B.


Weaving tip:

To switch up the colours of the rows, weave 2 rows the same colour and then continue weaving one row Colour A and one row Colour B. This will change which warp strings Colour A and Colour B go over, creating a blocked pattern as shown in the picture.

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