Paisley: The Secret Collection

Interested in the history of Paisley and Renfrewshire? Paisley: The Secret Collection holds thousands of objects telling our story.

It is the first publicly-accessible museum store on a UK high street.

The large basement unit houses tens of thousands of items from Renfrewshire’s museum collections. Many have not been on display in Paisley Museum – unseen by the general public for decades.

The collection includes some of Paisley’s world-famous textiles. Plus a fascinating mix of ceramics, world cultures, social history, art and sculpture, natural history and local archives.

Some of the items in the collection are a product of the town’s former textile wealth. The mill-owning Clark and Coats families were famed for their generosity.

The building is run by OneRen.

Please note that The Secret Collection is temporarily closed to the public. But you can still access the venue digitally with a virtual tour. We also have some short films where some of the Museum staff tell you about some of the more unusual objects stored here.

Paisley Museum

The £45 million Paisley Museum will be a new, world-class museum space. Shaped by and for the people of the town.

It will celebrate Paisley’s history and impact on the world. It will also be a community space that’s open and accessible to all.

At its core, the museum will bring history to life. Connecting it to today’s town and people. Creating a vibrant and colourful new cultural thread. Weaving together past, present and future

The museum will celebrate the area’s significant industrial past and the town’s importance, not least in textiles, weaving and the famous Paisley Pattern.


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