Travel itinerary: The Paisley Pattern

The Paisley Pattern changed everything for Paisley.

The iconic Paisley Pattern and its famous story can be an inspiration for visitors. Our suggested itinerary would be suitable for a full-day visit to historic Paisley town centre and the nearby village of Kilbarchan.

You can download an itinerary pack from the link below. 

Itinerary: The Paisley Pattern (pdf)

Use these supplementary pages to find out more about each stop – and the map links provided will help you plot your route.


Step back in time and learn more about the history of the Paisley Pattern

Join us each July to celebrate a famous victory for the Paisley weavers

Visiting Renfrewshire

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The archives are always such a rich source of inspiration! Many heritage patterns and signature designs remain relevant today, and we were happy to also work with Paisley in its original form, but printed onto knitwear in much the same way as Pringle first did in the Sixties.

Fran Stringer
Womenswear Design Director

The people of Paisley made the pattern and sent it round the world; textiles and the pattern helped to build Paisley; threads bound together.

Bob Grant
Chief Executive
Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce

The Paisley Pattern is our global brand that has inspired makers both in the past and today.

Jean Cameron
Director, Paisley 2021 Bid