The Artisan’s Institute – We are Weavers – Lesson 12 Experimental Weaving

Once you have tried out some of the other techniques, why not try experimenting a little? Combine different materials and patterns to make you own unique fabric!

Example of Experimental Weaving

Example of Experimental Weaving

Experimental weaving suggestions

-Build up and combine different patterns you have learned from the tutorials. Play around with different yarn colours, textures and thicknesses to see how they all compare…


-Add shapes, gradients and slopes by only weaving sections of the warp instead of weaving the whole width. This can be a great way to create weavings that look like landscapes!


-Create three dimensional effects to your weaving by hand manipulating the weft yarns. Pull on sections of the weft to make loops…


– Experiment with lots of other found materials, such as plastic bag strips, fabric strips, paper, twigs and flowers. You could even add beads or washers!


– Try sketching out a drawing as a guide and use this to weave certain shapes. You could even try drawing or painting directly on to the warp strings before you weave!


– You could keep woven samples as coasters, placemats or add a rod/stick at the top to make a wall hanging… Why not try stitching samples together to make larger items like rugs, purses, bags or a patchwork blanket? There’s lots of possibilities –  experiment and have fun!

Pleased with your creations? We would love to see them. Share your work with us on social media using the hashtags #thcars2 and #weareweavers

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