My top five things about Paisley – Mairie Schwarz

Wednesday 7th November, 2018

Hi, my name is Mairie Schwarz and I’m from Paisley’s twin town of Fürth, Germany.

I am a student working on the Renfrewshire Council events team and in this blog I want to share with you my five favourite things about Paisley.

The following list is ranked in no particular order – and I hope you’ll enjoy reading!

Toasties and Fish ‘n’ Chips

Even though we are crazy about our German bread and sausage for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a lot of Germans would die for your “toasties” with cheddar cheese and bacon. They’re so tasty! It’s kind of sad that this everyday meal is rarely represented in Germany. Same with “Fish Tea”. We drink a lot of herbal and fruit tea in Germany, but it’s not quite common to enjoy black tea with your meal – but I welcome that!




Listed Buildings throughout the town centre

There are so many architectural treasures everywhere in town. For that very reason it reminds me of my hometown, Fürth, as I wrote in my second blog. It’s true, that Paisley’s unique beauty strikes me everyday. I still find myself as a tourist, smiling and taking pictures as I wander through the town’s streets. I love sitting down in front of the Abbey on a sunny day and just enjoying the moment.




Only a 9-minute journey from Paisley to Glasgow

It’s fab that Paisley is so close to many place, like Glasgow. It makes it so easy for me to go for a shopping trip or a an event in the city. You can also really enjoy the national bicycle route along the river and green urban areas. It’s great to see that it works the other way around as well. For example, a lot of people came over from Glasgow to see Paisley’s Halloween Festival this year, because the event was so brilliant and its only a short hop.




Working at 5A High Street

As the new “Paisley” brand continues to grow and grow, it’s more and more exiting to keep up with the marketing and events team of Renfrewshire Council. Being involved in the process of promoting the destination brand and delivering big events is a great opportunity to try out your skills in different areas and learn from professionals. It’s also a chance to get in touch with other students on a work experience program.




It’s a great start, middle and end point for any journey or day out

Scotland’s full-figured glens and heathery hills are absolutely stunning and so easy to reach from Paisley. Within a 45-minute-drive you are in Luss, Falkirk or Ardrossan. There are so many nearby viewpoints, such as the Queens View, Conic Hill and the Greenock Cut. I’m very happy that I have had a lot of good weather since I have arrived in the early autumn – and even if the weather changes, I can return to Paisley quickly.



Find out more about Mairie, Furth and her stay in Paisley

Many urban areas would love to have a measure of the pedigree that this post-industrial conurbation boasts. Aside from its textile legacy, and illustrious denizens, Paisley has an incredible architectural heritage, from the 12th-Century Abbey, with its glorious Edward Burne-Jones windows, to its Victorian Observatory, to the stunning Art Deco Russell Institute.

Gemma Fullham
Reporter, Irish Independent