The Artisan’s Institute – We are Weavers – Lesson 06 Hopsack Weave

What is a hopsack weave?

Hopsack is a variation of plain weave with each row going over or under two warp strings instead of over and under one. It gives a chunky fabric by weaving two warp threads and two weft yarns at a time.

Example of a Hopsack Weave

Example of a Hopsack Weave

Hopsack instructions

Warp up an even number of warp strings. Double up the yarn on the needle so that there will be two working weft threads.


Row 1

Go UNDER TWO and OVER TWO warp strings across the first row.


Row 2

If the weft yarn goes over the last two warp threads, row 2 will go UNDER TWO then OVER TWO.

If the weft yarn goes under the last two warp threads, row 2 will go OVER TWO then UNDER TWO.


Apply this row to all further rows. Weaving rows 1 then 2 repetitively will result in each row weaving the opposite to the one before. Make sure to beat down each completed row, try not to pull too tightly on the weft yarns and always leave yarn tails for each new weft used.

Refer to ‘taking weave off of the loom’ video and notes to complete the weave.


Weaving tip:

Yet another variation of plain weave is the ‘pick and pick’ technique. You can get some great effects just by using two different weft colours. Give it a try next…

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