Whether you’re working or studying here, we can help you make the most of living in Scotland’s largest town and surrounding areas.

Situated just 10 minutes from Glasgow city centre, Paisley is home to a host of architectural treasures, hidden gems and a vibrant cultural scene.

The easily-walkable historical centre has Scotland’s largest concentration of listed buildings outside of Edinburgh. And the town is synonymous with the world-famous Paisley Pattern, the distinctive design that took the name Paisley around the world and was worn by figures from Queen Victoria to the Beatles.

But each area of Renfrewshire has its own character and charm, and our towns and villages have their own unique offerings of schools, shops, parks, restaurants and cultural activities.

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I've lived and worked around Paisley for the majority of my life and so it holds a special place for me - it'll always be a place I see as home. Paisley is unique with a great mix of people, places and events to enjoy throughout the year.

Gary Chittick