People who shaped our place

Renfrewshire’s history is filled with interesting and brave people who shaped our place and had a profound impact on the world.

Weavers and poets. Inventors and faith leaders. So many fascinating people have made their mark.

Community researchers working on the Renfrewshire Heritage website have found stories of people they want to celebrate and written their biographies.

Some of them are known for their tremendous courage and bravery – such as Jane Haining, heroine of the Holocaust. Some for their tremendous and world-renowned feats of engineering – such as Sir William Arrol, constructor of the iconic Forth Rail Bridge. From the medieval King Robert II, founder of the Stewart dynasty, to our present-day heroes and people we admire, we have a long-list to choose from.

Many are known for their achievements and actions closer to home. All are famous for the mark they made and the fascinating stories of their lives. They are rightly known as people who shaped our place.

Of course, they don’t tell the whole story. Our place was also shaped by the many generations who laboured in fields, wove shawls, made thread in factories – and made music everywhere!

You can enjoy reading them below.

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